Welcome to the DreamGYM blog

Finally I decided to start the DreamGYM blog. You may ask, why do I need one, if we have a website? But we have so much more information that we want to share

  • feature our custom made jungle gyms
  • tell what kind of problems you can run into during installation and how to solve them
  • demonstrate different exercises that can be done on our indoor jungle gyms or therapy gyms
  • show how to hang hammock or hammock chair in more details than on our website

We will also include fun games that can be played at home without turning living room into bouncing castle. If you want to share something with us or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Marina Mironov

P.S. Visit our website www.KidsDreamGym.com


One Response to “Welcome to the DreamGYM blog”

  1. KidsEnergyBurner Says:

    Welcome to Blogosphere!

    I believe, you will enjoy it a lot.

    All the best,

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