Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

We knew it was going to happen one day. We’ve got a great product, that other people might want to reproduce. Look at the pictures below, it is like a game “Find ten differences”

DreamGYM Jungle Gym

DreamGYM Jungle Gym

Copycat Jungle Gym

Copycat Jungle Gym

These people did not only stole the idea, they literally created an identical product. But the biggest concern that their product is not up to American Standards. I can name at least three places with possible head/neck entrapment just looking at the picture. We put so much effort in designing our indoor jungle gyms as safe as possible. We spent thousands of dollars on safety testing. Every measurement is crucial. Even a half inch difference may cause strangulation hazard.  I hope our customers will spot the difference and make the right choice.

Read more about safety of original Indoor Jungle Gym at

Marina Mironov


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