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DreamGYM is offering the opportunity to win a Disk Swing, Gym Rings and Trapeze bar/Gym rings Combo (an $89.91 value) to the readers of a great blog The Opinionated Parent to one randomly selected winner. To enter, pay a visit to the DreamGYM Inc. site and go to The Opinionated Parent Blog to comment with what other items not mentioned in this review that you would love to have in your home. Contest closes at noon mst on March 25, 2009! Read the rest of this entry »

Swing Therapy for Autistic Children

therapy_platform_swingMost of us have no problem combining all our senses. For autistic children (and grownups) however, it’s a mighty challenging task. Processing stimuli from the senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, taste, balance and body is overwhelming. Those suffering from autism will often withdraw to avoid overstimulation, or try to sort out the input from their senses with self-developed soothing mechanisms and repetitive behaviours.

A significant amount of occupational therapy for autism focuses on sensory integration through specially designed programs. Some of the greatest tools for sensory integration therapy for autism type disorders are various types of swings. People with various autism spectrum disorders such as Autism, PDD, ADHD, Asperger’s, proprioceptive dysfunction and tactile defensiveness will benefit from using swings as part of their therapy.

Additionally, children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorders (also called Sensory Integration Disorders), especially those with proprioceptive or vestibular dysfunction, should definitely have swings or hammocks as a crucial element of their treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Disk Swing – Giveaway


DreamGYM is offering the opportunity to win a Disk Swing to the readers of a wonderful blog Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous!  To enter, take a look around the DreamGYM site and comment in Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous blog telling what item you would absolutely love to have in your own home. Please ensure your profile is public or leave your email address in your comment. This giveaway will end on March 19th at 10:00pm CT. Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses only.

Children build core body strength while riding on the swinging disk. Swinging stimulates body and brain development. Children love the motion of swings; it translates into feelings of falling and flying – sensations that trigger imagination.

Disk Swing

Disk Swing

For more informations please visit www.KidsDreamGym.com

Physical activity – therapy for autistic children

active_autistic_childWhile parents and educators of autistic children often realize the benefits of education and routine, quite often the benefits of physical activity and sports are overlooked. Some parents might think that their child is simply not capable for participating in a sports program. Or they might just feel too busy and overwhelmed with the daily routine of taking care of an autistic child, and think the time spent on sport is not as valuable as other programs. However, physical exercise has been shown to greatly improve the lives of autistic children and to improve their behaviour as well.

Autistic children, like all children with a disability are more prone to avoid sports and thus run the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Perhaps the greatest risk however, is simply not having the opportunity to reap the benefits that regular physical exercise can provide, such as improved endurance, a chance to develop fine and gross motor skills and a self-confidence boost. A right exercise program can also introduce the autistic child to a social environment and a chance to interact with his peers. Physical exercise is a proven way to help autistic children (and even non-autistic ones) to burn off excess energy and be able to focus better on their school work or other learning opportunities. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Yayita Baby Hammock Safe?

Yayita Baby Hammock

Yayita Baby Hammock

Yayita baby hammock was recalled in the US in August 2008 due to safety reasons. It was said in the incidence report that a baby flipped over in the hammock in such a way that it came to hang in the safety belts facing the ground. There were no injuries and the baby was safely retained by the safety belts. The baby cried and the parents went to the baby’s room and unfastened it from the belts.

Now La Siesta has upgraded Yayita Baby Hammock in such a way that flipping is no longer possible. La Siesta products receive the safety standards certificate of the German TÜV Rheinland only after passing several static and dynamic endurance-tests. Their products must, for example, withstand a load of 2.5 times the stipulated carrying capacity. The TÜV certificate commits La Siesta to test 1% of its current production.

Yayita continues to be a very good product. The hammock brings harmony to babies in general and rocks many sleepless babies to rest, while also calming parents and the whole neighbourhood!

Please visit our website for more information about Yayita  baby hammock.