Is Yayita Baby Hammock Safe?

Yayita Baby Hammock

Yayita Baby Hammock

Yayita baby hammock was recalled in the US in August 2008 due to safety reasons. It was said in the incidence report that a baby flipped over in the hammock in such a way that it came to hang in the safety belts facing the ground. There were no injuries and the baby was safely retained by the safety belts. The baby cried and the parents went to the baby’s room and unfastened it from the belts.

Now La Siesta has upgraded Yayita Baby Hammock in such a way that flipping is no longer possible. La Siesta products receive the safety standards certificate of the German TÜV Rheinland only after passing several static and dynamic endurance-tests. Their products must, for example, withstand a load of 2.5 times the stipulated carrying capacity. The TÜV certificate commits La Siesta to test 1% of its current production.

Yayita continues to be a very good product. The hammock brings harmony to babies in general and rocks many sleepless babies to rest, while also calming parents and the whole neighbourhood!

Please visit our website for more information about Yayita  baby hammock.


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