Safety board for home jungle gym or therapy gym

Our customers asked us if there is a way to stop kids sneaking to play on our jungle gyms without adult supervision. Especially climbing on monkey bars, since it is the highest point from where kids can fall.

quicklink First of all, all jungle gym accessories attach by simple-to-use quick links, therefore when no adult supervision available, simply remove all accessories until new use.

safety_board_dreamgym_cor1For vertical ladder you can use a board that can be made by yourself or ordered from DreamGYM Inc. along with your jungle gym or therapy gym. We have created a safety board and tested it on our kids (almost 3 and 6 years old). We used a 2’x 4′ white HD board and industrial Velcro, which is relatively easy for parents to undo and close to impossible for little kids. Velcro can be used in 4 corners or like in our case just in top two corners and the bottom of the board is behind the bottom rung of the vertical ladder. My 3yr old son was NOT able to climb. My 6 yr old son was able to climb, therefore if you are concern with safety for older kids, 2′ x 6′ board must be used.

3-year old upset about not able to climb

3-year old upset about not able to climb

If you have any question regarding the safety board please fell free to contact us

Marina Mironov


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