Therapy Cuddle Swing

Hammock SwingWe are so happy to announce a new addition to our product line – Therapy Cuddle Swing. The product hasn’t arrived yet, but we want to post a preview of these fabulous cuddle hammock swings.

It is made of stretching soft fabric (92% cotton, 8% lycra). It is machine washable and can be used indoors and outdoors. I can’t wait for my kids to try it. The therapy swing will be available in different colors: navy blue, red, green, lavender.

The cuddle swing will give children experience of being in a cocoon, it will provide a feeling of womb-like safety and comfort. Children will really enjoy bouncing and spinning or relaxing in this cuddle hammock swing.

Cuddle SwingTherapy swing

We will make another announcement (beginning of next week) when the cuddle swing is available in our online store, you can leave a comment here or email us if you want us to contact you directly.

Marina Mironov


8 Responses to “Therapy Cuddle Swing”

  1. Shera Says:

    I would like to be contacted directly when this swing is available. I am located in Ontario so please include the pricing and shipping information.
    Thank you so much. I am very excited about this product.


  2. Apryl Agin Says:

    I’m very interested in the Cuddle Swing. Could you please email me more info on prices and how to install for indoor use.

  3. Kathleen Bechtoldt Says:

    Please notify me with pricing and availability ASAP.

    Thank you

  4. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Kathleen, Apryl and Shera,

    Arsalooly Cuddle Swing is available in our online store

    Thank you,
    Marina Mironov

  5. Rebecca Harman Says:

    I am interested in the cuddle swing if my federal respite funds will pay for it.

  6. donna gross Says:

    i have a grandson with special needs the cuddle swing seems like it would be great for him please let me know when it is avalliable thankyou

  7. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Donna,

    The cuddle swing is available here We have an additional white color coming soon.

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  8. amber meunier Says:

    i am very intrested in the cuddle swing. id like to be contacted directly. i live in aylmer ontario so if you could add the cost of shipping and pricing. depending on the price this could be somthing that we purchace a number of..thank you for your time

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