Decorating Kids’ Room

There are so many products and ideas to decorate a room for a newborn baby. Many parents spent months creating a perfect nursery room before the baby is born. And what happens when kids get older? Many of us are just caught in a cycle of shopping for more and more storage for toys. And in time gorgeous nursery rooms transform into huge toy chests. But if we look around there are plenty of products on market that can help us to create beautiful and functional kids’ rooms.

Jungle_gym_knightIf your kids’ room is big enough, you can install DreamGYM Indoor Jungle Gym. Children will have a blast climbing ladders, scaling monkey bars, swinging on a trapeze bar, or doing flips on gym rings right inside their rooms. Kids can temporary convert their jungle gym into a fort or a castle by simply hanging blankets around the gym. My kids like to play in a hammock pretending that they are sailors lost in a sea. If space is limited you can install a climbing wall or hang a hammock chair for reading or relaxing.

There is another great Canadian company I came across recently Beetling Design – the original creator of a first of its kind 3D decor that transforms any room into a spellbinding adventure. The decor is designed to inspire imaginative play and create a fun and safe place for children to interact. This corporation presents a new way to decorate your child’s room or play area. Beetling three dimensional wall art is safe, hand crafted, easy to install (and reinstall) and because it’s light weight it can be shipped world wide at low prices. Beetling Design is 100% Canadian, the design and manufacture everything in Coquitlam B.C. (Canada) and all of their materials are non toxic and locally sourced. Here are couple examples (feel free to visit their website to see more designs

beetling design


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