New Cuddle Swing – Joki Hanging “Crow’s Nest”

Cuddle SwingIn October we are adding a new cuddle swing to our online store with a cute name “Crow’s Nest”. The Joki hanging crow’s nest is the perfect refuge for children aged three to nine. Hovering and calm it offers relaxation and stimulates imagination. Wrapped in the soft fabric, sitting on the large and soft seat cushion, children find peace and quiet! It will delight any child. It can be mounted in the child’s room, in the backyard or even taken along on trips. It comes with a large and detachable soft pillow.

Parents will appreciate its ability to calm down and quiet overwhelmed tots on the verge of a tantrum. This cuddle swing will give children experience of being in a cocoon, it will provide a feeling of womb-like safety and comfort. Swaying develops the sense of balance, and cuddle swings are often used in child therapy.

Unlike similar cuddle swing from other brands this cuddle swing made of high quality 100% cotton fabric. It has soft and natural feel.

The maximum weight capacity is 175 lbs (80 kg).

Please email us ( if you would like us to contact you when this item is in stock.

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17 Responses to “New Cuddle Swing – Joki Hanging “Crow’s Nest””

  1. Tom Descanso Says:

    This looks like a wonderful product! Please let me know what would be the price and when I can purchase it.

    Do you accept prepayments for this product? Is it possible to get it by Thanksgiving?

    Thank you,

  2. Natalie / YMCbuzz Says:

    I’m loving this too! What colours is it available in?

  3. DreamGYM Says:

    Thank you! It is available only in blue, it is a new product LaSiesta added this Fall, it will be available after Mid-October.


  4. Apryl Agin Says:

    Also would like to know more info and price’s on this cuddle swing as well.

  5. Louise Fry Says:

    I really like this. I think I need two of them. My kids will be fighting over this chair. I think I need one too for adults. Are all the colors available now?

  6. DreamGYM Says:

    Louise, lovely blue with a green edge is the only color available so far. Maybe you should consider buying cuddle swing too so your children can take turns using these swings instead of having two of the same kind.

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  7. Charlotte Frascona Says:

    Dear Marina,

    I’d like to buy a Crow’s Nest cuddle swing for my daughter, but I’m concerned about the age restriction. The information above says, “The maximum weight capacity is 175 lbs (80 kg),” but it also says that the swing is “for children aged three to nine.” My child (whose occupational therapist has recommended a swing) is nearly ten and weighs about 65 pounds. Will the Crow’s Nest work for her for several more years?

    Also, the swing my daughter has used during OT sessions is made of a stretchy fabric. Does the Crow’s Nest have any “give” to it? Or is it made of a heavy canvas-like cotton?

    Thank you,

  8. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Charlotte,

    The age group is just recommended. The weight limit is mandatory. I tried this product myself, and it is very comfortable, but not as comfortable as for my seven year old son, who can curl inside. The pillow is 70X70 cm (about 28″), see you son can comfortably seat on a pillow like this.

    The fabric is a heavy canvas-like cotton, it doesn’t stretch.

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  9. Charlotte Frascona Says:

    Thank you, Marina; this information will help me to make a decision.

  10. Brandy Olmos Says:

    Would like to order it

  11. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Brandy,

    Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest is available in our online store The shipping anywhere in US and Canada is included.

    Thank you,
    Marina Mironov

  12. Mary Lehr Says:

    Is this item available for shipment now? The swing appears to hang from the ceiling. Is hardware included for installation?

  13. Lauren Lindsay Says:

    Hi how do i buy this croes nest swing? and what is the price? Thanks Lauren

  14. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Lauren,

    Please follow this link to purchase Joki seat

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  15. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Hardware is not included with this cuddle swing. We have mounting kits available on our website

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  16. Rachael Hall Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I am interested in the cuddle swing, blue and green, do you ship to Sydney Australia, if so how much for postage and what is the price for the swing in Aus $?


  17. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Rachel,

    We can ship only this cuddle swing to Australia

    If you are interested email to

    Marina Mironov

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