Doorway Swing or MiniGym

Trapeze bar and rings combo in a doorwayWe would like to thank a very talented photographer from LivePixels Photography in Oakville for photographing our doorway swing last week. We will be updating our website with new pictures next month. For now we would like to show how you can use our doorway swing. This product comes with trapeze bar and rings combo, but to make it more fun you can switch between other accessories: rope ladder, gym rings, cuddle swing, belt swing etc.

Belt swing in a doorwayGymnastics rings in doorway

Cuddle Swing in doorwayRope ladder in doorwayDoorway bar


7 Responses to “Doorway Swing or MiniGym”

  1. Sandy Joseph Says:

    I would like to know the price of the doorway swing kit as well as the prices for the rope ladder, gym rings, and doorway swing and cuddle swing. I am interested in purchasing these items as gifts for my Grandsons.

  2. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Sandy,

    As of February 22nd, 2010
    Doorway swing – $97.97 CAD (includes doorway bar, hanging belts, snap links and trapeze bar/gym rings combo)
    Rope ladder – $49.97 CAD
    Gym rings – $19.77 CAD
    Cuddle Swing – $75.00 CAD

    You can find more information on prices following these links
    Jungle gym accessories
    Hammocks for Kids

    Let me know if you need more information,
    Marina Mironov

  3. Shirley Says:

    Does the Doorway Swing bar need to be installed permanently or is it spring loaded and can be installed without permanent hardware to the door jam.

  4. sheri smith Says:

    Can you also send me any information as to the installation directions, etc.? Thank you.

  5. DreamGYM Says:

    Dear Sheri,

    For installing a doorway swing, you would need to attach metal cups to each side of a doorway (screws are included). The bar is expanded by holding the middle section and turning the bar ends.

    Let me know if you need more information.

    Marina Mironov
    DreamGYM Inc.

  6. cathy Says:

    what is the weight limit for swings

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