Safety Alert Bracelets and Allergy Alert Bracelets – Well on Their Way

Safety Wristband Mabels Labels Are There When You Can’t Be!

Keeping kids safe when they’re away from home is a challenge. From “stranger danger”to life-threatening allergens, peril seems to lurk around every corner. Experts recommend teaching kids their full name, address, phone number, parents’ names and workplaces, and how to call 911. But what if your kid is too confused or shy to pass info on to that uniformed adult they’ve been advised to seek out if lost? Or too intimidated to explain to their friend’s mom that just breathing in that peanut filled treat could send them to hospital? There are many times when we’re not going to be there to protect our kids.

Information is key. While peanut-free school lunches are the norm, lack of awareness about other common anaphylactic-shock producing foods is a concern. Health Canada identifies these as tree nuts, shellfish, fish, milk, egg, wheat, soy and sesame. Almost 6% of Canadian children suffer from food allergies according to McMaster University’s Dr. Susan Waserman and this number is growing. A recent study showed that kids’ emergency room visits for serious food-allergy reactions may be rising while asthma, which allergies can trigger, continues to be a major cause of hospitalization of children.

Protecting kids (and moms’ peace of mind) is possible with Safety Products from Mabel’s Labels. As company co-founder and mom of six, I rely on these daily. My kids don’t hit a theme park, mall, field trip, party or play-date without their “My-411 Wristbands”. These durable, disposable bands come in five cute designs and are customized with names, contact info and other vital information. They speak if my kids can’t so if anything goes wrong, I’m contacted quickly. And for school, camp or trips, dishwasher/microwave-safe Allergy Alerts labels remind care givers and lunch buddies of dietary restrictions. Kids really shouldn’t leave home without these!

So the bottom line is:  teach kids safety awareness but prepare for worst-case scenarios. As a busy mom I find it very reassuring that Safety Products from Mabel’s Labels are there when I can’t be. And I have no worries that they’ll tear or come off. My built-in test group from toddler to tween prove daily that super tough Mabel’s Labels can take on whatever the big, sometimes bad, world throws at them!

Visit Mabel’s Labels website to find out more about Kid Safety Products.


Lounger – Therapy swing for the whole family

Due to Iceland’s volcanic ash spread across Europe we are experiencing a delay with delivery of shipments from Europe. But we would like to give you a preview of new products coming soon.

Family lounger hammock chairThis Brazilian lounger made by La Siesta is the biggest hammock chair on market. It is made from 100% cotton fabric. The cloth size is 130X210cm – there is enough room to stretch out the whole body. Swinging gently in this hammock lounger is a perfect way to relax. And there’s plenty of space for all the family too. Hammocks are not just great fun. They are also important for the physical and mental development of a child.

This lounger hangs very easily from one suspension point.

I bet this lounger will become a favorite place to relax for many families in Canada and US. It will be soon available in our online store

Lounger hammock above houses Lounger hammock chair red

Cuddle Swing – Therapy swing for autism – on SALE 25%off

Cuddle Therapy Swing for children with autismArsalooly Cuddle Swing is a great Christmas present for a child with Autism.  And now this product is ON SALE (25%off). There is still time to get it before holidays.

It is made of stretching soft fabric (92% cotton, 8% lycra). It is machine washable and can be used indoors and outdoors.  The therapy swing is available in 3 different colors: navy blue, red and green.

The cuddle swing will give children experience of being in a cocoon, it will provide a feeling of womb-like safety and comfort. Children will really enjoy bouncing and spinning or relaxing in this cuddle hammock swing. It is a great tool for vestibular stimulation in children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Please visit our online store to make a purchase.

New Therapy Swing for Children with Autism

Therapy_Swing_AutismIt has been a very busy summer for us. Due to union strike in Toronto, kids could not go to city-run camps and they kept us occupied. That is why we haven’t updated our blog for a while, but we have several announcements.

We have been asked numerous times if we have a large hammock chair that can be used as a therapy swing for children with autism. And now we are happy to announce that we have in stock Modesta hammock chair available in ecru and Currambera Hammock Chair available in 4 bright juicy colors: orange, red, blue and green.

Both therapy hammock swings are made of 100% cotton. They provide a unique way to be seated. A modern and mobile chair that can be hung up or taken down in seconds. When you don’t need it, just fold it and put it away until next time – it doesn’t take more space than an umbrella. It is used indoors just as much as outdoors. All La Siesta hammock chairs are delivered with a duffel bag. This makes the chair really practical and easy to carry. Sling it over your shoulder, and find a good place to hang it up, to relax and drift in your thoughts. This therapy swing is great for people seeking deep proprioceptive sensory input. It can instantly calm any person.


For more information please go to our website Modesta Hammock Chair and Currambera Hammock Chair.

Helping Autistic Children with their Associations

Autistic ChildrenAs our company grow we learn even more about use of our products from our customers and bloggers who review our products. Recently DreamGYM was mention in “Doing It The Phys Ed Way” blog in the article “Battling Autism”. According to the author DreamGYM Therapy Gym is a great tool in helping autistic children with their associations. It keeps children with autism physically active enabling them to burn off excess energy, thus in return allowing them to concentrate on particular tasks. Below you can find a re-print of the article for your information:

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