Safety Alert Bracelets and Allergy Alert Bracelets – Well on Their Way

Safety Wristband Mabels Labels Are There When You Can’t Be!

Keeping kids safe when they’re away from home is a challenge. From “stranger danger”to life-threatening allergens, peril seems to lurk around every corner. Experts recommend teaching kids their full name, address, phone number, parents’ names and workplaces, and how to call 911. But what if your kid is too confused or shy to pass info on to that uniformed adult they’ve been advised to seek out if lost? Or too intimidated to explain to their friend’s mom that just breathing in that peanut filled treat could send them to hospital? There are many times when we’re not going to be there to protect our kids.

Information is key. While peanut-free school lunches are the norm, lack of awareness about other common anaphylactic-shock producing foods is a concern. Health Canada identifies these as tree nuts, shellfish, fish, milk, egg, wheat, soy and sesame. Almost 6% of Canadian children suffer from food allergies according to McMaster University’s Dr. Susan Waserman and this number is growing. A recent study showed that kids’ emergency room visits for serious food-allergy reactions may be rising while asthma, which allergies can trigger, continues to be a major cause of hospitalization of children.

Protecting kids (and moms’ peace of mind) is possible with Safety Products from Mabel’s Labels. As company co-founder and mom of six, I rely on these daily. My kids don’t hit a theme park, mall, field trip, party or play-date without their “My-411 Wristbands”. These durable, disposable bands come in five cute designs and are customized with names, contact info and other vital information. They speak if my kids can’t so if anything goes wrong, I’m contacted quickly. And for school, camp or trips, dishwasher/microwave-safe Allergy Alerts labels remind care givers and lunch buddies of dietary restrictions. Kids really shouldn’t leave home without these!

So the bottom line is:  teach kids safety awareness but prepare for worst-case scenarios. As a busy mom I find it very reassuring that Safety Products from Mabel’s Labels are there when I can’t be. And I have no worries that they’ll tear or come off. My built-in test group from toddler to tween prove daily that super tough Mabel’s Labels can take on whatever the big, sometimes bad, world throws at them!

Visit Mabel’s Labels website to find out more about Kid Safety Products.


Protective Surfacing for Children Gym

Protective surfacing is intended to cushion falls and prevent serious injuries from any children gym used indoors and outdoors. The amount of a consistent type of surfacing required is based on the critical height or fall height of the equipment, which is the height of the highest designated play surface on the equipment.  Common indoor surfaces (such as rugs, tumbling mates, or carpet) are not adequate cushioning for gross motor equipment with a fall height greater than 18 inches even.

The following information has been extracted from the website (section “For Parents – Safety Information by Topic – Playground Safety – Design and Surfacing).  There are currently no Canadian standards or guidelines for indoor playground surfacing. Ideally, the best surfacing would be material that was tested for use under play equipment, such as the rubber-like tiles designed for outdoor playgrounds. There is only a small amount of research available on indoor surfacing, but it points to some suggestions on what kind of surface material can (and cannot) be used indoors to cushion children’s falls.

Protective surfacing for children gymDense foam mats and interlocking foam tiles: One Canadian study found that dense foam mats (1¼ inch or 3 centimetres thick) adequately cushioned falls of 6 feet (1.8 metres). Interlocking foam tiles (such as those found in building centres or toy stores) were found not to be safe for heights of 3 feet (0.9 metres), but when double-layered did cushion falls of 4 feet (1.2 metres). These tiles measure 2×2 feet (0.6 metres x 0.6 metres) and are 5/8 inches (1.5 centimetres) thick. Therefore, two layers of tiles will create a surface similar to the dense foam mats.

Protective surfacing for children gym gymnastics matsGymnastics mats: Two studies have tested gym mats and found that if mats are at least 4 inches (10 centimetres) thick, they can cushion falls of 3 feet (0.9 metres). Six-inch (15 centimetres) mats can be safe for falls of 6 feet (1.8 metres). Unfortunately, such thick mats create an unstable base for children’s climbing equipment and increase the risk of equipment tipping over.

Protective surfacing for children gym Carpet, safety floor tiles, and resting mats: None of these materials provide adequate protection against head injury, even for falls of just one foot (0.3 metres), according to a US study that tested 24 samples of surfacing materials being used under indoor play equipment at childcare centres.

Hammocks are Great Father’s Day Presents

Hammock Lounger

Hammocks, hammock chairs and loungers are great Father’s day presents. Every man would love to have a place to relax on a backyard or even inside a house. Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating Kids’ Room

There are so many products and ideas to decorate a room for a newborn baby. Many parents spent months creating a perfect nursery room before the baby is born. And what happens when kids get older? Many of us are just caught in a cycle of shopping for more and more storage for toys. And in time gorgeous nursery rooms transform into huge toy chests. But if we look around there are plenty of products on market that can help us to create beautiful and functional kids’ rooms.

Jungle_gym_knightIf your kids’ room is big enough, you can install DreamGYM Indoor Jungle Gym. Children will have a blast climbing ladders, scaling monkey bars, swinging on a trapeze bar, or doing flips on gym rings right inside their rooms. Kids can temporary convert their jungle gym into a fort or a castle by simply hanging blankets around the gym. My kids like to play in a hammock pretending that they are sailors lost in a sea. If space is limited you can install a climbing wall or hang a hammock chair for reading or relaxing.

There is another great Canadian company I came across recently Beetling Design – the original creator of a first of its kind 3D decor that transforms any room into a spellbinding adventure. The decor is designed to inspire imaginative play and create a fun and safe place for children to interact. This corporation presents a new way to decorate your child’s room or play area. Beetling three dimensional wall art is safe, hand crafted, easy to install (and reinstall) and because it’s light weight it can be shipped world wide at low prices. Beetling Design is 100% Canadian, the design and manufacture everything in Coquitlam B.C. (Canada) and all of their materials are non toxic and locally sourced. Here are couple examples (feel free to visit their website to see more designs Read the rest of this entry »

Yummy Mummy Club

We want to share with you a great Canadian online club for mommies. So, what’s this club thing all about? It’s a place where you can celebrate and commiserate the rollercoaster ride of modern mummydom, win great prizes, find books to stimulate your brain and read eclectic and cheeky articles written for and by other yummy mummies…