Hammocks are Great Father’s Day Presents

Hammock Lounger

Hammocks, hammock chairs and loungers are great Father’s day presents. Every man would love to have a place to relax on a backyard or even inside a house.

Hammock for backyardCurrambera Hammock

Currambera family hammocks are made in Columbia by craftsmen who use 100% pure long-fibred cotton and traditional production methods. The hammocks are colourfast and machine washable. Extremely comfortable the Currambera hammocks can be hung from walls, trees or on a hammock stand. The hammock comes in a bag which can be used as a matching cushion cover.

Hammock Chair

The Currambera hammock Chair is a unique way to be seated. A modern and mobile chair that can be hung up or taken down in seconds. When you don`t need it, just fold it and put it away until next time – it doesn`t take more space than an umbrella. It is used indoors just as much as outdoors. All La Siesta hammock chairs are delivered with a duffel bag. This makes the chair really practical and easy to carry. Sling it over your shoulder, and find a good place to hang it up, to relax and drift in your thoughts.

Hammock Lounger for familyHammock Lounger

Currambera hammock lounger is a larger version of the original hammock  chair. With more room to relax, you can kick back and stretch out, making it the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, and getting away from it all. Made from 100% cotton fabric, this swing is sure to be a favorite spot for the whole family.  This lounger hangs very easily from one suspension point and is perfectly suited for all kinds of apartments, small balconies, or terraces.

Camping hammockCamping Hammock

Single portable hammock with ropes: lightweight and compact – this hammock makes relaxing easy as a pie. There is a space in every backpack. Just hang it and chill! Made of breathable parachute silk, extremely robust. For authentic globetrotters! This king size camping hammock is fun for the whole family. It is very compact, you can take it anywhere with you. there is enough space for everyone to relax or read together.

It is not too late to buy a present for all dads in your life. For more information visit www.KidsDreamGym.com


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