About DreamGYM

DreamGYM Jungle Gym

DreamGYM Jungle Gym

DreamGYM Inc is the first company in Canada to produce indoor jungle gyms and therapy gyms for home use.  They have created a product, which allows children to stay physically active all year round, regardless of the weather.  DreamGYMTM Indoor Jungle Gyms can be installed in almost any space of the home: a kids’ room, basement, or a spare bedroom.  Children have a blast climbing ladders, scaling monkey bars, swinging on a trapeze bar, or doing flips on gym rings right inside their homes.

Marina Mironov and sons Roman and Maxim

Marina Mironov with her sons Roman and Maxim

The company was founded by Marina Mironov, M.Sc., in 2007.  Marina holds a Master’s degree in geology from McMaster University and following the birth of her second son, she left the environmental consulting industry to be a stay-at-home mom.  Like many parents, she faced the problem of keeping her children active during the long winter or rainy days.  With the help of her husband and friends, Marina created an indoor jungle gym in her basement.  Her simple desire to keep her children physically fit spawned a creative collaboration, which eventually resulted in the development of DreamGYMTM.

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall for Kids

“There is a champion inside every child,” – Marina and her team believe. The activities on DreamGYMTM Indoor Jungle Gym will work for all ranges of physical abilities.  Even children in a wheelchair can pull themselves up by using the gym rings, swing on a trapeze bar or perform a hand walk on the monkey bars.

Having a jungle gym at home will significantly reduce the time children spend in front of the TV or computers. Children will be less likely to become overweight and they will develop agility, flexibility and muscle strength.  Exercising on DreamGYMTM Indoor Jungle Gym will help to establish an active lifestyle that can be maintained into adulthood.

DreamGYM Inc manufactures its products in Canada using only natural non-toxic wood and lead-free finishing products.  The product is designed to meet or exceed all current applicable Canadian and American standards.


4 Responses to “About DreamGYM”

  1. sami Says:


    I live in NYC–Can I get your products here, and would we be able to install it ourselves?

    Do you have a catalogue or price list?


  2. DreamGYM Says:

    Hello Sami,

    We can ship to NY our popular model (http://www.kidsdreamgym.com/popular_indoor_jungle_gyms.html), which has easy-to-follow installation instruction. Please visit our online store http://www.kidsdreamgym.com/jungle_gym_store.html


  3. Carolyn Griffiths Says:

    Hi, can you ship to the UK?

  4. DreamGYM Says:

    To Carolyn Griffiths,

    Please email us at info@kidsdreamgym.com and let us know what products you are interested in and we will provide you with a shipping quote.

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